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Shelly Evans

                Thank you for working with me in an advisory capacity this year in the search for reasonably-priced insurance coverage before the Affordable Care Act options are open to me. After I left work at the last company that offered medical insurance coverage at a reduced rate for employees. I started with COBRA which is, as everyone knows, very expensive, especially for someone like me without an income.

Because of the way you conduct business, I will happily refer family, friends and acquaintances to you  for their health, life and other insurance needs. I also plan to get back to you in the future for advice on Obamacare options. You are truly an advisor and obviously "doing the right thing" is of utmost importance to you.

Thanks for all your time, patience, work and for caring about my situation.

Warm regards,

Shelley Evans, Elkton, MD

Kiel Drake

                    Recently Chick helped my wife and I navigate her benefits enrollment period at work.  With a short window of time, and very little info, he was able to provide us with quotes and explain everything in a way that was very easy to digest.  If you need help understanding the changing landscape of coverage, Chick is your guy!

Kiel Drake

Dr. Patrica Wendal

                    Henry Chinski  is very knowledgeable about all the changes that are happening with the affordable healthcare act. If you are undergoing changes in your insurance I highly recommend that you speak to Henry about which insurance would be right for you. He is taking the time and effort to learn everything there is to know about the affordable care act. Henry has personally helped me with my own insurance and made sure that I am covered under any circumstance circumstance or disaster that may happen. The insurance that Henry recommended did not cost much but would save me and protect me from losing a lot of money if I were to be hurt or injured or sick. Since Henry is an independent broker he is able to shop all the insurance companies and find what works best for you and your family. I highly recommend speaking to Henry Chinski about any questions that you may have about your insurance

Terry Cordrey

Henry Chinski has given my husband and I excellent advice and service regarding our health benefits. He has helped us choose the right insurance for our needs and we couldn’t be happier.  Henry is very knowledgeable on every plan

and is very willing and helpful to all his clients.  I recommend Henry Chinski highly.

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